A Poem for My Sleepless Child

As some of you know I try to make jokes to cope with stressful situations and when something really starts pushing me over the edge, I try to avoid dealing with it by writing a silly poem (completely normal behavior).  Ironically, sometimes it even helps me find a little perspective about the situation.  Anyways, that happened at about 1am today after nursing my son for 5 hours in yet another fruitless attempt to get him to sleep.  This one’s not so silly…and certainly not my best work…but I’m sure many can relate.

{Clears throat, begin reading in posh British accent}:

Oh my sweet angel baby

Why don’t you sleep?

Are you hot?  Cold?  Hungry?

Did you lose count of sheep?

Your mommy is so tired,

It’s been a very long day.

We’ve been up since the crack of dawn

Because you wanted to play.

I love you so dearly

With every ounce of my soul

Would it be too much to ask

For a nights rest in full?

I’ve been nursing you for hours

To bring you comfort and calm

But nothing is working

And mommy’s starting to yawn.

I’m new at this my baby

It’s the hardest job I’ve had

You didn’t come with instructions

And it kills me to see you sad.

Have patience with me baby

As I learn to navigate these ropes

And while I’ll certainly fail at many things

For my love you’ll never have to hope.

One day you’ll grow up

Maybe move far away

I’ll lay in my bed

And dream of this day.

I’ll wish for the memory

Of a long sleepless night

With my sweet son in my arms

Snuggled up tight.

So tonight I’ll embrace it

And wash the frustration away

As I wipe tiny tears from your cheeks

You need your mommy, so right here I’ll stay.

The cute, albeit angry subject of this poem

The cute, albeit angry subject of this poem


3 thoughts on “A Poem for My Sleepless Child

  1. That poem was wonderful!! I had those feelings a million times the first year of Abbie’s life! Thank you for sharing your poem with us. 🙂

  2. I love this poem! I also try to embrace the long evenings of comforting my little baby, telling myself how much I will miss these moments when I look back on them in the future. It’s hard though. Sometimes I have to wipe tears off my cheeks as well as my baby’s! Thanks for sharing.

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