Why I Email My 6 Month Old

Ever since my little snickerdoodle was born, I’ve had this crazy irrational paranoia that something will happen to me and he will never know me.  Morbid, I know!  More importantly, I’m terrified he won’t know how unbelievably much I love him.  I’ve been doing my best to keep up with entries in his baby book, but I’m not sure knowing the exact date he rolled over for the first time will convey the amazing, overwhelming and all-consuming love I have for him!  SO, during one of my endless google searches for something ridiculous like “why is my baby’s poop a slight honey instead of mustard color,” I came across an idea that I fell in love with…


Maybe it sounds ridiculous to you…don’t care!  I love the idea and I’m doing it.  I wish I had started it sooner!  There were so many special moments and memories that we shared when I was pregnant, and during his first few days/weeks/months and now I don’t remember hardly any of them.  People told me to write things down in a journal but quite frankly I would like to know what alter universe they lived in where they had time to handwrite journal entries in between round the clock nursing, getting absolutely no sleep, taking 15 minutes to successfully tinkle and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in one bite.  So this is my solution for preserving the memories and sharing them with my little man in real time.  I’ve gotta tell ya…I think it’s even helped take the edge off a little postpartum anxiety situation I had going on there for a bit.  My initial goal was to shoot him a message daily…but let’s get real.  I would also like to shower daily, relax with a cup of hot coffee while I read the paper and eat a meal slow enough to actually taste the food.  I just do it when I can!

If you’re trying to function on inhumanely low amounts of sleep like I am, here are the steps for emailing your nugget…warning, it is VERY COMPLICATED:

Step 1: Set up an email account

I went with Gmail, because there’s no telling what the internet will be in 18 years but I’m willing to bet Google will be a part of it.

Step 2: Start emailing your babe!

I send Pax little notes about his personality, how much I love him, what we do during the day and things going on in our lives.  I also send him pictures and videos so he can see how darn cute he is!  And that’s about it my friends.  On his 18th birthday I’ll give him the email address and password.  Hopefully I’ll be here so we can laugh at my typos, reminisce the stories and watch the videos together…but if not, then my only wish is that through these messages he can hear my voice and feel my love for him!


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